Angel Investor is the investor who invests in a startup which is just in its first steps after the original idea. Essentially, it covers the gap between the money given by family and friends (FFF) and Venture Capitals. Whitetip Investments is the only investment firm in Greece with high investment know-how in startups. Our role is reciprocal and bidirectional for both the business and the investor.

Invest with us

Dimosthenis declared that “Sometimes small opportunities are the beginning of great achievements”. Our group, through Yarrow Capital in London and New Electra in Athens, has made nine investments in startups in Greece and abroad, exclusively with equity. It is now possible to place funds in innovative companies that present potential and growth prospects.

With the slogan “Invest with us” we provide opportunities for:

  • Investments in startups in Greece and abroad in private and institutional funds
  • Advice on startup investment and creation of a specialized portfolio consisting exclusively of start-ups
  • The possibility of investing small amounts through the creation of a special purpose vehicle (Startup SPV) for each investment; the expenses of which are exclusively covered by us, while we participate with at least 20%. In this way, we are pioneers by enabling the average private investor to participate in the vision of new ventures.

We reinforce – support – interconnect

Τhe greatest evidence of our devotion to the new entrepreneurship are our investments so far

We seek entrepreneurs with vision and dedication in order to provide them with:

  • The initial required capital (Seed Capital)
  • The necessary contacts and know-how for the development of their business
  • International interconnections, where necessary
  • Financial, accounting and legal coverage through our group
  • Access to Institutional Investors for Follow-on Finance