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The fundamental difference between a vision and just a thought is the will to share it with others. The motivation to have companions and assistants. And this was the driving force that led the shareholders of Whitetip Investments AEPEY to the Company’s creation in the end of 2016. Our vision is to use our experience of many years, our international connections, our partners in Greece and abroad, as well as our size as a group, to meet the full range of our clients’ investment needs, both in the financial markets and in the real economy. Allowing them to make various investments, from a commodity derivative to a startup.

At the same time, we combine technology with the human factor, creating a link between the best trading platform in the world and our trading desk. In addition, we can find solutions for those who fear the times we live in and have transferred their money to costly accounts abroad or to loss-making money market funds of foreign managers. Every dealing that we get involved in, is intended to serve this vision exclusively.

Our strategic cooperation with Saxo Bank, our collaboration with overseas depositories, the distribution of Piraeus Bank’s Mutual Funds, access to an online trading platform for more than 30,000 Mutual Funds, the solutions we provide for the Greek market through Leon Depolas Securities and of course the two entities that our group has in Greece and London with a view to investing in startups, are a piece in the puzzles that make up the palette of integrated solutions.

But that’s not all there is. The establishment of Whitetip Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers and its collaboration with J. Safra Sarasin Brokerage extends our activities to the high value insurance of our clients’ assets, as well as the responsibilities of the board of directors and its members.

Therefore, we believe in this vision, we continue to grow by increasing our customer base by over 20% a month, and in the near future we will announce new partnerships that serve this purpose.

In closing, I would like to personally express a heartfelt thank you to our clients who have given us their trust for over 20 years.


Babis Angeletopoulos
Vice Chairman and CEO

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