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W hitetip Investments is a member of a dynamic network of companies operating in Greece and abroad, from Private Equity and energy to shipping and real estate to startups and financial services sectors. In the corporate investment scheme of Whitetip Investments, companies with an international presence, growth prospects and strong economic displacement participate actively.

Our group maintains strong relationships with global banks and investment firms. Our synergies are being shifted on to our customers, ensuring high quality service and competitive pricing, whilst also offering, the average investor, the opportunity to invest in investments that were previously blocked.

Our team consists of executives with more than 25 years of experience, with thorough expertise in all the different services provided. At the same time, our team is supported by young professionals with a high level of training. In addition, our associates with key positions in large corporations abroad, bring us knowledge in specific fields.

Shareholders of Whitetip Investments AEPEY are “New Electra SA” and “Elix Investments UK Limited“.

“New Electra SA” was founded in 2007 with the aim of activating in the rapidly growing green and clean energy market and in particular the renewable energy sector starting with the establishment of photovoltaic parks in various regions of Greece. It currently has two 2 MW and 440 kW photovoltaic parks while constructing a 9MW park.

In June 2015, Nea Electra co-founded with other investors the “Yarrow Capital Limited” Private Equity company based in London. “Yarrow Capital Limited” focuses on young companies in the New Technologies industry.

In terms of newly emerged ventures, “New Electra SA” in collaboration with a team of specialized entrepreneurs and engineers, has established Museum Evolution IKE specializing in the study, design and construction of innovative exhibition systems, applications and installations for museums, exhibitions, educational and cultural organizations around the world.

Elix Investments UK Ltd, an investment firm based in London, is active in the European financial services market and actively participates through minority interests in listed companies.

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