Opportunity of investing in Greece

There is a great opportunity of investing in Greek Equities, led by a substantial decrease in the yield of 10-Year Government Bond at the lowest level since 2009, the drop in unemployment rate, the consecutive upgrades by leading financial institutions as well as the forecast of leaving the Memorandum and Austerity plans. Thus, the attractiveness of Greek Equities has risen considerably, which make them an essential asset of a portfolio.


Alternative ways of investing in Greece

Clients can alternatively access Greek Stock Market by trading ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) such as Global X FTSE Greece 20 (GREK) ETF which is Usd denominated and Lyxor FTSE Athex Large Cap UCITS ETF (GRE) which is Euro denominated. Although, such an investment is quite easy, the aforementioned products constitute mainly passive ETFs and have low possibilities to overperform the Athens Stock Exchange General Index (ASE). Indicatively, GREK ETF rose 15,27% (in euro terms) and GRE ETF rose 25,1% the previous year while General Index (ASE) increased by 28,2%. Alternatively, investors could gain access to direct equities through a local Broker, who also acts as custodian. However, the heavy bureaucracy and poor knowledge of local brokerage houses could be obstacles for foreign investors.

Whitetip Solution

Whitetip Investments is IB partner of Saxo Bank, a fully licensed Danish investment Bank, headquartered in Copenhagen, which is supervised by the European legislative framework. Clients could access the most important Global Financial Markets and a broad range of tradeable instruments through the innovative and awarded platform of Saxo Bank, all unified under a fully transparent environment. Whitetip Investments’ clients can open a direct account with Saxo Bank and have the opportunity to trade Greek equities, electronically or via chat. Specifically, investors can trade major stocks of the FTSE/ Athens Stock Exchange Large Cap Index such as Banks, Telecommunication, Infrastructure Equities, gaining in this way access to Greek Financial Markets. The trading desk of Whitetip, very experienced in Greek Financial Markets, receipts and transmits orders on behalf of clients from 8.00 until 22.00 (CET) in order to facilitate trading and help all clients with the procedure.

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