Our People / Our Strength

The safe navigation in new areas of activity and opportunities, and the success of the objectives of an investment vision relies above all on the capacity, reliability and strength of the people who design and implement. It is the quality of knowledge, experience and specialization which they have accumulated. The people of Whitetip Investments, executives with deep knowledge of financial markets and their fluctuations, apply the right combination of options and strategies in every situation.
In Whitetip Investments, our trademark is our people that make up a dynamic team of executives, financial analysts and expert consultants with long and international experience and expertise in the areas of investment planning, advisory firms and innovative projects.

Our services are guaranteed thanks to our team of experts which gives us a competitive advantage. That’s why at Whitetip Investments we systematically invest in improving our human resources. Because, as Thucydides wisely quotes ‘our strength is our men, not the walls or empty ships’.

Άνδρες πόλις και ού τείχη, ουδέ νήες ανδρών κεναί.

Ethical investment

At the same time, and with the aim of establishing modern investment and business ethics, we attach great importance to the implementation of a system of principles and values in terms of reliability, responsibility, trust, transparency, discretion, and worthiness. Our pursuit is that our investment philosophy permeates the entire spectrum of our development activities, our partnerships and the overall operation of the people of our company.
Our team is the guarantee of our services and our competitive advantage. That is why in Whitetip Investments we systematically invest in the improvement of our human resources. As wisely told by Thucydides, ‘our strength is our men and not walls or empty ships’.

Stronger together

To exploit the multiple investment opportunities and access to key information areas, information and economic developments that provide a comprehensive strategic cooperation, Whitetip Investments invests systematically in institutional collaborations with leading investment houses and stakeholders at a local, European and international level: from London, the heart of European financial markets, through Elix Investments and Yarrow Capital Limited, in Athens via New Electra SA and its affiliated partners of New Electra in New York and from there to Asian capitals. Whitetip Investments AEPEY develops and deepens the international presence for the benefit of its people, its partners and its loyal customers.