Why Whitetip

  • We recognize the need for personalized solutions and advice with our customers and sponsor daily communication.
  • We combine the best technology for investment in the world with the human factor.
  • We emphasize not only risk-return but also cost-return.
  • We are part of a group with an international presence and investments in areas such as renewable energy, real estate shipping and startup companies.
  • We systematically invest in building synergies with leading investment firms, developing and deepening our international presence for the benefit of our customers and our associates.
  • We have a team with experience, expertise and clientele beyond 25 years, enriched with young, highly skilled and highly talented professionals.line




Because we offer our customers:

  • Bank accounts with access to all financial products, without the cost of maintaining the account.
  • An opportunity to not only invest in financial products but also in the real economy by co-investing with us in startups.
  • Extended telephone and email support 9am to 11pm daily.
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