Head of Trading


Philip Kolidas is the Supervisor of the Trading Desk for both Greek and International markets. His main responsibility is to ensure the good functioning of the department and to coordinate the Traders’ team to best execute orders on behalf of the clients as well as to maintain the high quality of customer service the Company provides. He is part of the Investment Advisory team, which provides investment advice to customers adapted to their individual profiles based on TASIS. During his 25 years in the stock broker business he has served as Floor Trader at the Athens Stock exchange and was a licensed stock broker Representative. He is certified by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission as an Investment Consultant as well as Stockbroker, derivatives and bonds Trader. He has excellent knowledge of the Stock Market Regulation and Laws as he has attended numerous seminars presented by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission concerning MIFID2, Internal Audit and AML procedures. He holds his Bachelor’s degree by the Rutgers University of New Jersey, specialized in Finance and Stock Markets.