Investment Advisory Services

Whitetip Investments, through its network of financial institutions in Greece and abroad, which function as asset custodians of our customers, it is able to provide high quality and personalized services on the basis of the innovative Investment Advisory Services by our company.



Our fundamental principle is the risk-return function. We provide Investment Advice to individuals and professional investors, initially by risk management and using all the investment tools. In essence, we operate a reference portfolio by adjusting it to the client’s risk profile, always in line with the expected performance δες το ξανά. Our basic principles are:

  • We invest exclusively in equities, ETFS (listed mutual funds) and cash
  • We use derivatives only to protect the portfolio against changes in prices and exchange rates
  • We only recommend highly tradable and instantly liquid goods
  • We are approaching the bond market only through ETF’S to avoid the risk of the individual issuer
  • We propose that there is no equity exposure to a shareholding of more than 2.5% of the existing portfolio
  • We select our proposals from a 250 focus list, distributed across all industries and geographical areas
  • We monitor all the portfolios daily and continuously
  • The customer can choose the professional of his choice
  • We have on-line access to analysis departments of three global banks



Your idea, Our Dream

The multi-faceted business as well as the international contacts of our group enable us to take advantage of current developments in Greece. The Corporate Finance division of Whitetip Investments AEPEY provides:

  • Drawing up plans to restructure loans and obligations of companies
  • Finding Capital for Business Development
  • Search for strategic investors from Greece and abroad
  • Active participation in Redemption and Merger Plans