Saxo Bank’s Bond Trading Platform Gets Awarded by “The Banker”

The Saxo Bank fixed income product platform was honored with the award for the best technological project at the level of trading platform for 2017 (Best Trading Platform Project 2017), once again confirming its characterization as an expert in online transactions.

This service started at the end of 2016 and provides access to more than 5,000 corporate and government bonds with high credit rating and high yield through the trading platform SaxoTraderGO. Saxo Bank pioneers and subverts the data in the digital trading of fixed income products, enabling the above transactions, both to institutional and private investors, who were mainly “excluded” from such services.

Saxo Bank’s fixed income product platform provides access to a competitive environment, ensures significant cost savings and thanks to the technology on which it relies, all processes are fully automated so that customers can connect directly to global bond markets and transactions run in seconds.

In fact, Simon Fasdal, Head of Fixed Income Transactions at Saxo Bank, said: was recognized by the specialized financial magazine The Banker with this prestigious award. Our platform connects each customer to the entire global bond market – in a direct, competitive, transparent and reliable way. In this way, it faithfully serves Saxo’s goal of aligning the access of institutional and private investors to the financial markets. ”

This award confirms our strategic choice to work with this Bank. Under the Introducing Broker Agreement, the customers of Whitetip Investments AEPEY have the opportunity to create a direct account in Saxo Bank and at the same time provide Receipt and Transmission of Orders as well as Investment Advice to customers who wish it by the specialized executives of our company.

Saxo Bank offers a free 20-day trial on its online platforms. See how you can trade and invest in a professional platform using a virtual cash of $ 100,000.

Cooperation Agreement with SAXO BANK SA

Press Release

Whitetip Investments AEPEY entered into an Introducing Broker Agreement with Saxo Bank A / S, a fully licensed Denmark based, Investments Bank. Under this partnership, Whitetip Investments AEPEY‘s customers gain the opportunity to create an account with Saxo Bank and trade through the Bank’s innovative and award-winning trading platform, enjoy a wide range of products and access global markets. In addition, Whitetip Investments AEPEY can receive and transmit orders on behalf of its clients.

Saxo Bank is an investment bank, supervised by the European legal framework, based in Copenhagen and operating in financial centers around the world, including London, Singapore, Paris, Zurich, Dubai and Tokyo. Saxo Bank facilitates trading and investing for private and institutional investors by offering access to global markets, a wide range of product categories and over 30,000 tradable products such as stocks, CFDs, ETFs, currency pairs and options, futures and bonds. All this integrated in the powerful platform of Saxo Bank, which features everything from personalized watch lists to customizable charts, new filters and risk management tools. Systematically winning industry awards, the platform is designed to offer customers the features, speed and performance they need.

Whitetip Investments AEPEY, supervised by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, aims to provide high quality services in the field of Brokerage, investment consulting and Corporate Finance. As a member of a group with domestic and international activity in the fields of energy, shipping and Private Equity, it maintains cooperation relations with internationally recognized credit institutions, carries out daily transactions between 30 Stock Exchanges around the world and over 30,000 financial products, while providing investment advice to private clients based on the risk-return relationship.


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