International Distinction for Whitetip Investments AEPEY

Whitetip Investments AEPEY was honored with the award of the “Fastest Growing Greek Investment Banking Firm” for 2021, within the international institution Global Banking & Finance Review Awards.

The distinction regards the entire spectrum of the Investment Banking services of the Company, while evaluating the increase of the turnover, the profitability but also the number of cases from year to year. It is the first time that this international organization recognizes the growth dynamics of a Greek company within this matter.

The Global Banking & Finance Review Awards is a global award institution for financial service companies that is held annually worldwide. The supervisor of the evaluation and performance process of the awards is the international Global Banking & Finance Review magazine, which according to recent statistics gathers 7.5 million views annually from 200 different countries of the world, with main audiences being Company Presidents, CEOs, CFOs and Executives.

Whitetip Investments AEPEY started operating in 2017, and turned to investment banking in early 2018. Since then, it has recorded an exceptional progress in the Investment Banking sector, managing to add in its track record, pan-European successes within a full range, from corporate lending restructuring to fundraising for start-ups. The Company’s main advantage has always been the inventive and out of the box deal planning, as well as the extensive network of Private Equity, Venture Capital and strategic investors that have been developed.

The CEO of Whitetip Investments AEPEY Charalambos Angeletopoulos stated: “It is a great honor and recognition for our Company to receive the award for the “Fastest Growing Greek Investment Banking Firm” from such an important institution, especially when this title is conquered for the first time by a Greek company. As CEO, I deeply believe that such a distinction by the title “Fastest Growing” is fully appropriate for Whitetip Investments AEPEY because given the fact that the Investment Banking department of the Company is relatively newly established, it has proven that with hard work, perseverance and professionalism even the most ambitious goals can be achieved. We are only proud of our course so far and this award has come to be the motivation to even higher goals.”

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