NEA ELEKTRA SA announces the acquisition of ATEN SA

Press Release

With Whitetip Investments AEPEY as Financial Advisor, Nea Electra SA announced the acquisition of ATEN SA, holder of a license for a photovoltaic park with a capacity of 8.99 MW in Central Greece.

ATEN SA secured a tariff of 0.08255 euros / kWh in December 2016 by participating in the pilot contest organized by the Energy Regulatory Authority.

The pilot tender secured tariffs for a total of 35 MW in large-scale photovoltaic projects. ATEN SA acquiring 25% of the total power given through the specific tender for 2016 in Greece, with a single park, acquires a significant advantage, due to the economies of scale that will be created.

Nea Electra SA, parent company of Whitetip Investments SA, has been investing in renewable energy sources since 2007 and plans to build this 8.99 MW photovoltaic park in 2017, an investment that will exceed 9 million euros. Nea Electra SA, committed to the strategy of using high quality panels in all its projects, plans to install the high performance panels of the long-term partner of Aleo Solar GmbH.


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