The First Greek ESG Transformation Fund

The first ever Greek ESG Transformation Fund has been launched by the team of Whitetip Investments AEPEY and has been officially press released.
Zerynthia ESG Transformation Fund, as it is called, has come to add immense value to Whitetip Investments AEPEY’s series of CSR policies of social and environmental contribution that have been implemented during the past years.
The Fund will be aiming in supporting midsized or smaller companies to become more sustainable in all ESG aspects (Environmental, Social & Company Governance) through Financing and Specialized Advisory.
Project Leaders Babis Angeletopoulos, CEO of Whitetip Investments AEPEY and Angelos Mochloulis, former CEO of Pieralisi Hellas, have aggregated an extraordinary Team of Advisors that consists of both Greek and International Professionals with great achievements and ESG backgrounds.
Caterina Occhio, world famous CSR and Sustainability Advisor (Chloe, AzeedineAlaia, Aspesi, and Trussardi), Michalis Spanos, CEO and founder of Global Sustain Group, Apostolos Siskos, member of EVEA, Head of the Forum for Energy, Co-founder and CEO of EMICERT and ENVIROMETRCS, Professor of the Technical University of Athens, with over 36 years of experience in water resources management, Andreas Andreadakis, Associate Professor of the University of Piraeus, Constantina Kottaridi, Aurora Mondavi of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, Vassilis Monogios, Advisor for Corporate Governance and Internal Audit, as well as mathematician Panagiotis Mamalis, President of the Leontio Lyceum Alumni Association and member of ActionAid.
Read the English translation of the Press Release as was published on Greek national press here.
Read the Press Release as was published on the Greek national press at the following links:

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